IronPython and Jython

Now this is something really really cool.

Jim Hugunin has written an implementation of the Python language which uses .NET CLI as the backend. So what it means that your program is still in Python but it is running on .NET . So what, you say? Yes, I know there is already Jython, but what is interesting about IronPython is that it is giving 70% better improvement in performance compared to the CPython implementation! That’s a huge improvement if you ask me. You can read more details in Jim’s post


When I mentioned Jython, if it didn’t ring a bell in your head, let me explain. Jython is an interpreter for Python written in Java. This means that you can write Python programs using the Java libraries – in effect, combining the power and simplicity of the Python language with the huge class libraries of Java. For example, you can write code like this to open a Java Swing frame using the Python language (with the Jython interpreter):

from javax.swing import JFrame
f = JFrame('Jython swings!')
f.setSize(400, 300)

Your comments?

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