Gloomy Weather

It’s such a gloomy weather here in Bangalore… sigh. It’s been raining cats and dogs and as a result I got cold, cough and fever… and I’m just recovering now.

However, I did manage to read ‘Ignited Minds’ by Abdul Kalam over the weekend. All I can say is wow. I’ve been inspired by Kalam. He puts things across in such a simple yet remarkable manner. He does get into preach mode many times but I do agree with him that most Indians have a defeatist attitude and is exactly one of the reasons that India is not already a developed country.

I think we should make ‘Ignited Minds’ as compulsory reading for anyone who stands for election. ;-) Well, aah, I can dream….!

On the Bytes side, I got good news. Ibiblio has agreed to host my book on their servers and will help reduce the load on my website :-)

Another ‘Byte of Python’ related news is that I’ll be shortly announcing a mailing list exclusively for the book. Readers are encouraged to join in to discuss the book and help me make the book even better!


Your comments?

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