Python workshop at NIT Calicut

I’ve been invited to conduct a workshop on Python at NIT (formerly REC), Calicut, Kerala. It’ll be most probably on 29th of this month (date to be yet confirmed). I’m glad to tell you that Pradeep will be joining me – we’ll be conducting an on-hands session on Python in the computer lab. I’ll be posting details on the session later.

Other speakers include Atul Chitnis and Shanker Balan.

Also, Pradeep and myself intend to hang out in Kerala after/before the event and want to go sight-seeing. Any suggestions? Which beaches are good? Any must-see destinations?

Renaissance 2005

I’ve also been invited to talk at Renaissance 2005 at Govt. Engineering College (GEC), Thrissur, Kerala next month. Here’s the brochure (in PDF form).

Note : I have been invited to both NIT, Calicut and Renaissance – I was confused between the two and wrote ‘Renaissance 2005 at NIT, Calicut.’ I apologize for the mistake.



  1. Congrats, Great Job Dude =D> . Keep up the Good Work.

  2. Thanks Theju :)

  3. Good GOin dude..Keep it up… U R A visitin Proff also now;-)

  4. Saravanan says:

    Hi Swaroop,
    Congrats for your acheivements and all the very best for your new assignments.One good sight seeing place that I know/have been in Kerla is Malampuzha Dam..It is actually in Palakhad- Kerla Border.Do not miss that place.

  5. Thanks Srikky :) … Dude, I don’t have a balding head to be a professor… but I do have a round tummy… hmmm…

  6. Hey… I think Badri is the best person to ask abt Kerala… y dont u call him and ask him abt all the beaches u wana know… His pune number is 09823766919

  7. Swaroop,

    Welcome to God’s own country !! And especially to our campus. I’m sure you’re gonna like it.

    See ya here

  8. Thanks Praveen, I’m looking forward to the trip, see you there :)

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