Mysore Moments

Two weeks ago (Apr 9-10), I had been to Mysore with family.. I was going through the pictures and many of them have come out really well.

I just had to note some of the memorable moments:















There are a total of 158 photos from my Mysore trip :D

Please feel free to leave a comment on which photos you liked the most.

7 thoughts on “Mysore Moments

  1. @Dilip : One blog is already too many! ;-) … besides, I ain’t that good a photographer, all I do is point and click (reminds me of something else I do for a living as well…)

    @Pradeep : Yep, you’re absolutely right. The [Flickr-Photos]( plugin has made it amazingly and incredibly easy to integrate Flickr as well. Thanks to the open Flickr API.

    Technicalities apart, this post has more than ten thousand beautiful words :lol:

  2. Bharat: Yeah, I can understand, though Mysore is no longer the quiet serene place I remember. Ever since the entry of Infosys into Mysore, it is becoming another Bangalore… or shall we say Mysore is getting Bangalored! :lol:

    Btw, thanks for the compliment :)

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