4 thoughts on “Chiliablog and Softies

  1. off topic:
    this author on my mag is “blackmailing” me! she’s put up Part I of a delightful story and says she’ll only put up Part II if she gets enough comments asking her to do so :-) !
    I desperately need to read th rest of the story….so wud u all “plz” giv it a read and comment if u will for part II? for me…plz? pass this on if u can too…

    btw the story is on vibeshorts.blogspot.com

  2. btw swaroop…this 1000th comment idea is cool! Is there a script or way to automatically count the number of comments? my blog is on blogspot.com

    thanks in advance

  3. I have no idea on how to do that in blogspot.

    WordPress shows me this in the _dashboard_ :

    ![Blog Stats in WordPress Dashboard](/files/200506/wordpress-blog-stats.png)

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