12 thoughts on “Podcast Awards

  1. @Nitin: LOL! I think I’m much too lazy to do that.

    @Gavri: Think ‘marketing’. Podcasting is the rage now and it’s going only one way and that is up. The pod in podcasting makes iPod more ‘cool’.

    @Ankit: Define ‘Indian podcasts’.

    @PKG, @Roshan: Podsafe == music which is authorized by the bands to be freely shareable and/or legally safe to be played in podcasts. Also see the [Podsafe Music Network](http://music.podshow.com/) and [How to find podsafe music](http://www.ipodarmy.com/2005/06/how-to-find-podsafe-music/).

  2. My favourite techie podcast site is itconversations.com – On which other site can you find podcasts of Steve McConnell, Paul Graham, Adam Bosworth etc. Besides you have shows syndicated from other sites.

  3. i have subscribe to a Podcast by Indian called indicast. I think the site is theindicast.com. its fun to listen. It reminds me of home.

    Are there any other indian podcasts? or podcasts by indians?

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