Richie blog rich

My blog is worth $32,178.78.
How much is your blog worth?



  1. Darn it, I’m depressed! Mine’s worth only $3,951.78 :'(

  2. Take heart aarthi,
    my blog is worth $0.0

    Hmm. on hind sight that makes a great caption. – a blog worth $0.0


  3. yes, I too was hoping for at least a few pennies, but my blog is worth $0.00 as well


  4. mine’s $90,326.40 ;) he he.

  5. @Aarthi, Pradeep, Alvin: I guess it means you have more blogging to do! :-)

    @hpn: Whoa! Cool.

  6. Even mine’s worth $0.0 – well that is a dead man’s worth!!!! Anywayz as Pradeep pointed out, its cool to display your broke status!!!

  7. mine’s $0 too. the livejournal one.

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