Off to Himalayas

I’m finally getting a vacation, so I’m off to trek in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Incidentally, my new year celebration will be trekking 10 km in the snow, from Khajjar to Mangla.



  1. WOW!LUCKY you!

  2. WOW!! All the best for your trip.

  3. That’s awesome! Have fun.
    But isn’t it going to be cold up there at this time of the year?

  4. Cool man. So when do you start ?

  5. Hello Mate,
    Ur lucky…enjoy have fun.

  6. Something I have wanted to do for ages… You must write a travelogue when you get back. Hope you have fun! Happy vacation! :)

  7. You will see this after you are back, but still, hope you have a cool trip (pun intended) :-)

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