ROAM – Just the bike. The rider. And a place to ride.

Tonight was Movie Night at Bums On The Saddle and the movie was ROAM. This is one of the movies that can get anyone excited about cycling, and in this case, mountain biking. I couldn’t decide whether to concentrate on the adrenaline-rushing jumps and stunts or the amazing locations that these cyclists explore.

What was interesting was that nearly 35-40 people had shown up, which was quite unexpected.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes/trailer of the movie:

Rohan Kini and gang are basically running this cycle shop on Saturdays to encourage cycling and to help people buy and maintain their bikes. If you are interested in taking up cycling, you know whom to contact.

I had taken some photos of their “Bike shop on the Roof Top” the last time I visited:


including Rohan Kini unpacking and assembling a 40,000 rupees worth Trek 6000-series cycle!


Thanks to Bums on the Saddle for hosting the screening of the movie.

One thought on “ROAM – Just the bike. The rider. And a place to ride.

  1. I at times felt like jumping off the third floor with my bike :)

    Down the stairs though……………Their skills are yet to sink in!!

    ohh lord, the movie was amazing!

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