Trekking Howto


Every trek needs good preparation.


The trick is to carry the essentials that you need to survive, face glaring daylight and bone-chilling nights, and at the same time, have a light enough load to be agile while walking on the edge of cliffs. And you need to be comfortable enough so that you can concentrate on appreciating Mother Nature.

  1. Decide place
  2. Decide people
  3. Book bus/train tickets at least 15 days in advance, minimum 10 days
  4. Get packed food such as roti/chapathi and different types of chutneys
  5. Pack as light as possible
    • Food
      1. Along with the chapathis, carry some quick snacks that are not messy to eat, like mixtures (for instant hunger satisfaction)
      2. Candies, not chocolates (to help the mouth to not dry up)
    • Army pants / three-fourths / soft cotton track pants, NOT jeans (jeans are an unnecessary additional weight and you will not be flexible while climbing)
    • Shoes with good grip (avoid sneakers for same reason)
    • Warm jacket (because it will be cold at nights/early mornings)
    • Toiletries
      1. Toothbrush
      2. Toothpaste
      3. Soap
      4. Towel
    • Medical kit (believe me, you do not want to end up in a situation where you regret not taking this)
      1. Cotton
      2. Dettol or Savlon
      3. Pain-killer tablets
      4. Tablets for headache
    • Two 1-litre water bottles (place them in the left and right sides of the bag to help maintain your balance)
    • Sleeping bag (it will be very cold at night)
    • Sleeping mat (to have something clean and comfortable below you/the sleeping bag)
    • Light bedsheet (for situations where the sleeping bag can’t be used or is not enough to keep you warm)
    • Torch
    • Steel plates and spoon (because they can be washed and reused)
    • Clothes
      • One extra three-fourths/army pants
      • One shirt
      • Extra pairs of socks (it’ll get dirty very soon)
    • Cap
    • 3-4 large plastic bags (for dumping waste papers, etc.)
    • Paper tissues (for wiping off any yucky stuff)
    • Camera (with fully charged-up battery)
  6. If rainy season
    • Wrap your clothes in plastic covers so that it will be dry
    • Rain-coat
    • To avoid leeches, carry:
      1. Dettol (apply to your feet and legs before the start of each day)
      2. Salt (apply on the leech and it will fall off)
  7. And don’t forget the sunscreen

How to find people to trek with