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About this book

This is an alpha edition of the book. That means it may contain incomplete sections, obvious mistakes, blatant lack of detail and more. Please feel free to send constructive suggestions.

Creating this book

This book would have never been written without Vim 7. My life would never have been complete without Vim. Thank you Bram Moolenaar and Vimmers all over the world.

I love Vim

The original content was written in Viki syntax and then strung together using the deplate command. Special thanks to Thomas Link for patiently answering all my queries on how to use Viki/Deplate:-)

The book was later converted into a wiki format. Even though the book is now being edited online live, I still use Vim to write and copy/paste to the MediaWiki to save the text.


I started writing this book in 2004 or so. It seemed to inevitably end up on the backburner. I revived writing the book in the month after thanks to the infective spirit of the people there.

But yet again, I couldn’t sustain the momentum. I started to be more productive when I started following David Allen’s Getting Things Done principles. This led me to revive working on the book to get it finally in some shape to be released to the world on the first day of

About the author

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Swaroop C H is 26 years of age. He graduated in B.E. (Computer Science) from PESIT, Bangalore, India. He currently works at his co-founded startup IONLAB. He has previously worked at Yahoo! and Adobe. His passions are reading and writing, running and cycling, and some coding.

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